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Microsoft® SharePoint

CloverLink is a premier provider of SharePoint implementation services and training. SharePoint facilitates collaboration within an organization, with external partners and customers. Using the combined collaboration features of Microsoft® Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft® Office SharePoint Portal Server, users in your organization can easily create, manage, and build their own collaborative Web sites.

CloverLink offers intensive boot camp training in SharePoint and related technologies. Classes are conducted at your facility with a curriculum custom tailored to your needs.


CloverLink can help your organization build enterprise-level portal sites that are integrated with Microsoft® Office. Leveraging SharePoint's built in features such as indexing, searching, audience targeting, and single sign-on, we can create applications and custom web parts that assist users in navigating through vast amounts of information and documents. Some of SharePoint's notable features include:
  • News and Topics
  • Personal web sites with public views
  • Information targeted to specific audiences
  • Powerful indexing and searching across file shares, Web servers, Images, secure Web servers, Exchange Public Folders, Lotus Notes, and other SharePoint sites
  • Alerts that notify you when changes are made to relevant information, documents, or applications
  • Single sign-on for enterprise application integration