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Security Pacific Home Loans

Provide an end-to-end loan origination, pricing, pre-qualification and closing tool for SPHL's partners.

Use industry standard MVC web development framework to provide a cross-platform, standards based web application, Streamline.

Faced with the task of providing a web application that had to collect and store data as well as interface with third party loan origination systems, Java was the natural choice. Write once, run anywhere combined with a rich set of established API's make Java perfectly suited for difficult integration tasks. CloverLink Systems decided on a MVC architecture for the site using the Webworks 2 and Xworks 2 framework for the site itself, industry standard JDO as the persistence mechanism and a wide array of other Java tools to provide the glue and support mechanisms, including Joram JMS for guaranteed asynchronous processing of back end loan origination system requests, picocontainer for configuration and service dependency resolution, FOP for PDF document generation and Freemarker and Velocity for template driven views and data. CloverLink used agile development techniques including test driven development, frequent peer code review and extreme programming to deliver the solution to the client on time. CloverLink's portal application tied the development process together to give the client an up to the minute view of the development process, issue resolution, test results and build status.

The SPHL web application is a complex interface which presents three faces to the outside world: a realtor partner view, a mortgage manager view and and administrator view. All of these views are provided using an advanced role based authentication and authorization scheme and template-driven view management system made possible by the Webworks/Xworks MVC framework. Once signed up, the realtor users are able to make loan applications on behalf of their consumer clients and track the progress of the loan approval from application through loan product selection and final loan funding by SPHL partner institutions. The entire process is under the control of the administration and mortgage manager users using an advanced administration interface.

Perhaps the most difficult challenge was integrating with the Gallagher GFS loan origination system. CloverLink had to be extremely creative in working around limitations of the GFS platform to provide a web-service view of the GFS api. With CloverLink's integration ?glue? in place, SPHL's partners are now able to take advantage of the advanced mortgage loan pricing engine that GFS provides. SPHL can itself make use of the GFS system in novel ways, including custom clients and other web services built on top of the interface that CloverLink wrote.

The CloverLink solution was written with extensibility and reuse in mind. All components and services are interface driven and can be swapped with alternate implementations if desired. The integration with SPHL loan funding partners is completely extensible. The system is able to handle xml-based funding solutions, RPC based, what have you ? anything the Java platform supports, the SPHL web application can talk to.

The SPHL Streamline website presented a challenging integration problem to CloverLink. But the correct selection of implementation platform and tools made it possible for us to deliver the site on time with all specified functionality. These same choices will make it possible for CloverLink to adapt and evolve the solution to SPHL's changing needs in the future.