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Security Pacific Home Loans Website, Loan Application and Prequalification System:  This state-of-the-art system was constructed using the J2EE platform, JMS, JDO and various frameworks including an MVC architecture, Opensymphony's (XWork2 / Webwork2), PicoContainer (dependency injection ), FOP-based document generation, Templating engines (Velocity, FreeMarker, JSP, Taglibs) and web service technologies.  This mission critical system is designed for very-high transaction usage and integrates to several external pricing and pre-qualification systems as well as internal systems such as the Gallagher loan origination system.  The SDLC methodology features iterative, test-driven development with daily automated builds/tests using Ant, JUnit and Subversion.

Stewart Title Business Intelligence and Compensation System:  Using a combination of the Microsoft® .Net platform and SharePoint, the system provides instant reporting for Stewart Title's branch operations, sales reporting, compensation calculations, etc.  The system integrates with SAP, PeopleSoft and sundry other internal systems using .Net web service technologies.  The solution is hosted in SharePoint and utilizes custom web parts to seamlessly integrate into Stewart's Intranet (also developed by CloverLink).

Countrywide's Multi-Lingual Online Loan Application & Submission System: is an online loan-approval application. A customer fills out two pages of information and can get approved up to  $650,000 in approximately 2 minutes. The application utilizes Microsoft® Message Queue Server and Web services to pull current customer data for portfolio Refi's, run credit, perform a pre-qualification and access Countrywide Home Loan's internal loan origination system's data store. The English and Spanish Refi & HELOC versions share the same functional code base.

The HELOC version features on-line, on-the-fly disclosure documents in PDF format (Important Terms link on the financials page) and runs Countrywide's internal property valuation service to determine if the appraisal can be waived.

Inman News ClientDirect Newsletter Application: is an electronic newsletter management and distribution application. It has four levels of permissions / hierarchy: Admin (sets system configuration parameters, e.g. photo size, authors content and selects required articles), Organization (authors content and selects required articles), Publisher (selects articles, manages listings, links, photos and newsletter layout) and Subscriber (recipient of the newsletter). The application facilitates online creation of articles, listings, photos, newsletter layout and distribution to over 35,000 subscribers.

GE / WMC Mortgage's WMCDirect: This application enables brokers to upload loan files from approximately 25 loan origination systems including Contour, Calyx Point, Genesis 2000, etc., for underwriting. A given broker uploads a file either manually or automatically using a system tray application.

Countrywide calculators are a suite of applications consisting of 12 different calculators including Affordability, Rent vs. Buy, HELOC, Fixed vs. Arm and more... The solution uses COM+ components developed by CloverLink Systems, Inc. to get pricing from a centralized server and perform prequal-like functions and other business rules based on very limited data input.

Branch Locator This solution uses one asp script and an isapi filter to provide custom pages for all countrywide home loan retail branches. Branch URLs appear as numeric directories under the root application e.g. ( for Branch 1. The ISAPI filter traps the 404 error, changes the directory name to a query string value and redirects the user to the page that is utilized by all branches. This mechanism works well for "vanity URLs".