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Microsoft® Message Queue Server (MSMQ)

MSMQ makes it easy for application developers to communicate with application programs quickly, reliably, and asynchronously by sending and receiving messages. Here's why that's a good thing: If you have an application that needs to stay up all the time, like a retail point of sale system, what happens when your database goes down in the middle of the day? The likely answer is that your sales people need to start taking orders manually. Wouldn't it be better if those orders were sent to a queue to be processed when the database came back up?

When to Use MSMQ:

  • When you have disconnected users - such as when your sales force is working remotely.
  • When guaranteed delivery is important - stockbrokers, for example, may lose millions of dollars if their order entry applications lose even a single order.
  • When you need concurrent execution - when you want to fire off lots of requests for work without dealing with difficult tasks like thread management.
  • When you need to log Activity - your actions through MSMQ are automatically journaled; that's good for maintaining audit trails and recovering data.

CloverLink has extensive experience with Microsoft® Message Queue Server.  Using MSMQ, we developed one of the highest dollar volume B2B sites found on the Internet today. We also developed an MMC Snap-in tool for extended management of MSMQ Enterprises. If you're building a high-volume, mission critical, transactional system that would benefit from a solid messing architecture, call CloverLink today.