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Microsoft® Solutions Framework

With the rapid growth of integrated services, the requirements of projects have become increasingly complex and interdependent. Organizations must efficiently control basic business functions while identifying and planning for strategic initiatives and rapidly changing technology with foresight and creativity. Information technology (IT) organizations face a wide range of product and technology choices to assemble IT solutions. Yet guidance on how to build successful solutions is often lacking.

Successful IT Projects Require Common Language and Approach

A disciplined approach is critical to successfully create business solutions on time, in scope, and within budget. Technology project success depends as much on business objective alignment, project management, and development processes as on writing quality code.

Merely choosing a technology is insufficient: True business success is achieved by maximizing the effectiveness of the technologies selected. That's why CloverLink Systems, Inc. follows The Microsoft® Solutions Framework (MSF). It provides guidance to manage people and processes in the application development cycle. Created as a framework instead of a methodology, MSF is flexible enough to adapt to meet project and organizational needs.

Many large IT organizations employ development methodologies that date back to
the mainframe era of client-host applications, not today's distributed, Web-enabled
technologies. For fast-paced development of smaller projects with lean development
teams, these methodologies impose an inflexible burden, often hindering efficiency
and product quality. In contrast, MSF favors rapid development, but MSF concepts
can be scaled to any size project.

MSF can easily coexist with virtually any other process framework or provide sufficient structure where no methodologies are in place. The framework establishes a common language and approach to improve alignment and efficiency of integration projects.